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Seal of the University of California, Davis UC Davis Law Review

Vol. 16, No. 1, Fall 1982

Dedication Address

Brigette Bodenheimer — Protector of the Children 


Clean Water, Federalism, and the Res Judicata Impact of State Judgments in Federal Environmental Litigation 

Developing Standards for Child Support Payments: A Critique of Current Practice 

Recent Judicial Limitations on the Right to Discharge: A California Trilogy 

Nullifying Affirmative Action Through Deregulation 


Of Lawyers, Guns, and Money: Preemption and Handgun Control  

California Government Code Section 65852.3: Legislature Prohibits Exclusion of Mobile Homes on Single-Family Lots 

What a Difference a Day Makes: The Case for a Strict Approach to Untimely Pleadings 


Every Home Should Have One: The Betamax as a Staple Article of Commerce in Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Sony Corp. Of America 

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