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Vol. 28, No. 3, Spring 1995

Symposium: Fifty Years of International Shoe: The Past and Future of Personal Jurisdiction



A Map Out of the Personal Jurisdiction Labyrinth 

Jurisdictional Pragmatism: International Shoe's Half-Buried Legacy 

The Pitfalls of "Hint and Run" History: A Critique of Professor Borcher's "Limited View" of Pennoyer v. Neff 

"Two Cheers" for International Shoe (and None for Asahi): An Essay on the Fiftieth Anniversary of International Shoe 

Death of a Salesman? Forum Shopping and Outcome Determination Under International Shoe 

Assessing Minimum Contacts: A Reply to Professors Cameron and Johnson 

Class Actions, Personal Jurisdiction, and Plaintiffs' Due Process: Implications for Mass Tort Litigation 

Personal Jurisdiction and the Global Resolution of Mass Tort Litigation: Defining the Constitutional Boundaries 

Federalism and Substantive Due Process: A Comparative and Historical Perspective on International Shoe and Its Progeny 

International Shoe v. Brussels and Lugano: Principles and Pitfalls in the Law of Personal Jurisdiction 

A Shoe Unfit for Globetrotting 

Statutory Reform of Constitutional Doctrine: Fitting International Shoe to Family Law 

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