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Vol. 33, No. 4, Summer 2000

LatCrit IV Symposium Rotating Centers, Expanding Frontiers, LatCrit Theory and Marginal Intersections

Welcoming Remarks 


Constructing LatCrit Theory, Diversity, Commonality, and Identity


American Mestizo: Filipinos and Antimiscegenation Laws in California 

"Aren't You Latino?": Building Bridges Upon Common Misperceptions 

LatIndia II -- Latinas/os, Natives, and Mestizajes -- A LatCrit Navigation of Nuevos Mundos, Nuevas Fronteras, and Nuevas Teorias 

Practically Reframing Rights: Culture, Performance, and Judging 

Piercing Webs of Power. Identity, Resistance, and Hope in LatCrit Theory and Praxis


Gold, Souls, and Wandering Clerics: California Missions, Native Californians, and LatCrit Theory 

"The Virgin's Slip is Full of Fireflies": The Multiform Struggle over the Virgin Mary's Legitimierende Macht in Latin America and Its U.S. Diasporic Communities 

Latinas and Religion: Subordination or State of Grace? 

Shifting Power for Battered Women: Law, Material Resources, and Poor Women of Color 

Forging Our Identity, Transformative Resistance in the Areas of Work, Class, and the Law


The Role of the EEOC in Protecting the Civil Rights of Farm Worker 

The Rakes of Wrath: Urban Agricultural Workers and the Struggle Against Los Angeles's Ban on Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers 

The Tyrannies of Silence of the Untenured Professors of Color 

Discrimination by Proxy: The Case of Proposition 227 and the Ban on Bilingual Education 

Performing LatCrit


Literature and the Arts as Antisubordination Praxis: LatCrit Theory and Cultural Production: The Confessions of an Accidental Crit 

Half the Story Has Never Been Told: Popular Jamaican Music as Antisubordination Praxis 

Alfredo's Jungle Cruise: Chronicles on Law, Lawyering, and Love 

Critical Race Coalitions: Key Movements that Performed the Theory 

Globalization or Global Subordination. How LatCrit Links the Local to Global and the Global to the Local


Globalization and the Reproduction of Hierarchy 

Critical Race Globalism?: Global Political Economy, and the Intersections of Race, Nation, and Class 

A Race Approach to International Law (RAIL): Is There a Need for Yet Another Critique of International Law? 

Global Finance and the International Monetary Fund's Neoliberal Agenda: The Threat to the Employment, Ethnic Identity, and Cultural Pluralism of Latina/o Communities 

Race, Reason, and Representation 


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