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Seal of the University of California, Davis UC Davis Law Review

Vol. 7, No. 1, 1974


Legal Aspects of Medical Care in California Juvenile Justice Institutions 

Infectious Disease and California Workmen's Compensation 

The Right of the Fetus to be Born Free of Drug Addiction 

Standard of Care in Administering Non-Traditional Psychotherapy 

Establishing the Contractual Liability of Physicians 

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD), Clinical Use and Research: A Proposal for Legislative Change 

Substantive Constitutional Rights of the Mentally Ill 

Exclusion of the Mentally Handicapped: Housing the Non-Traditional Family 

Exclusion of the Mentally Handicapped: Housing the Non-Traditional Family 

Strict Liability - The Medical Service Immunity and Blood Transfusions 

Antitrust Implications in Prescription Drug Promotion: A Meprobamate by Any Other Name 

Emergency Care: Physicians Should Be Placed Under An Affirmative Duty to Render Essential Medical Care in Emergency Circumstances 

A Minor's Right to Contraceptives 

The Effectiveness of FDA Medical Device Regulation 

Investor-Owned Hospital Management Corporations: Will Quality Medical Care Survive? 

The Psychological Stress Evaluator: A Recent Development in Lie Detector Technology 

Medical and Psychological Experimentation on California Prisoners 

Regulating the Practice of Acupuncture: Recent Developments in California 

Veterinarians at Fault: Rare Breed of Malpractitioners 

The Physician's Assistant and the Problem of Statutory Authorization 

Roe! Doe! Where are You?: The Effect of the Supreme Court's Abortion Decisions 

Limitations on Individual Rights in California Incompetency Proceedings 

Strict Liability in Tort: Its Applicability to Manufacturers of Prescription Drugs 

Constitutional and Practical Considerations in Mandatory Sickle Cell Anemia Testing 

The Medical Practice Computer Profile: Proof of the Doctor's Actions in a Series of Similar Cases 

Taking the Public Inebriate Out of California's Criminal Justice System 

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