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Current Issue

Vol. 52, No. 5, June 2019

Symposium — Bakke at 40: Diversity, Difference and Doctrine

Foreword: Bakke at 40: The Past, Present, and Future of Affirmative Action 

Bakke at 40: Transcript of Lunchtime Discussion 

We Will Turn Back?: On Why Regents of the University of California v. Bakke Makes the Case for Adopting More Radically Race-Conscious Admissions Policies 

Affirmative Action and Social Discord: Why Is Race More Controversial than Sex? 

Systematic Prevention of a Serial Problem: Sexual Harassment and Bridging Core Concepts of Bakke in the #MeToo Era 

Affirmative Action Assumptions 

A Prison of the Imagination: Higher Education in Bakke 

Racial Indirection 

Bakke’s Lasting Legacy: Redefining the Landscape of Equality and Liberty in Civil Rights Law 

Bakke at 40: How Diversity Matters in the Employment Context 

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