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Ranked twenty-eighth among legal journals in the United States, the UC Davis Law Review publishes scholarly articles from legal academics, practitioners, and student editors. The Review's staff prides itself on consistently meeting deadlines while working with authors to produce the highest quality scholarship. Each academic year, the staff of 60 to 70 students publishes one volume composed of five issues. This year, the Review staff is excited to publish its forty-seventh volume.

Featured Article

Brand New World: Distinguishing Oneself in the Global Flow

Mario Biagioli, Anupam Chander, and Madhavi Sunder

The collection of papers in these two issues of the UC Davis Law Review attests to the growing importance of brands to culture and economics. A focus on brands (as opposed to trademarks alone) helps us move beyond simplistic accounts of the value of marks as merely signaling source or conveying information about a static object. Brands move from the realm of logic to the realm of emotion. The papers collected here demonstrate the agency of brands. Brands fashion brand new worlds: forming and reforming objects, collectives, hierarchies, lifestyles, meanings, and tangible material cultures that did not previously exist. At the same time, brands are tools for personal, social, and cultural performance and expression. In short: signaling source is just the beginning of the complex social and cultural work that brands and logos do. An interdisciplinary approach will thus remain necessary to understand the brand new world in which we live.