The Scope of Judge Jane A. Restani's Forty Years of Service: Papers from a Symposium in Her Honor

Daniel Olton
Alexandra B. Hess
James E. Ransdell
Collin Mathias
Patrick C. Reed
Vol. 57
Page 79

As many may know, the Honorable Jane A. Restani is all about the facts of each case. Over the past 40 years, Judge Restani has published over 3,000 opinions, with over 1,100 of those here at the United States Court of International Trade (“CIT”), and the remaining scattered across district courts and circuit courts throughout the country. Judge Restani has the distinction of being amongst the most traveled federal judges due to her impressive designation work. On the Ninth Circuit alone, she has participated in over 654 opinions and memorandum dispositions. Of the approximately 150 of those reported in the Federal Register, only nine have been reversed or vacated by the Supreme Court. Twice though, the Supreme Court adopted reasoning Judge Restani used in dissenting opinions.

Judge Restani has been paving a way at the CIT as well. In the past twenty-two years, she has presided over 2,407 cases, issued over 10,000 orders, and published over 470 opinions. It is no wonder that there is nary a CIT practitioner without their own story of arguing before Judge Restani.

This series will feature several papers by former law clerks and practitioners surveying Judge Restani’s decisions.

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