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Remembering Rex Perschbacher

Current Issue

Vol. 52, No. 1, November 2018

Symposium — Immigration Law & Resistance: Ensuring a Nation of Immigrants

Citizenship Matters: Conceptualizing Belonging in an Era of Fragile Inclusions 

Precious Cargo 

The Economics of Immigration Reform 

Chevron and Citizenship 

Inclusive Immigrant Justice: Racial Animus and the Origins of Crime-Based Deportation 

Deconstructing Crimmigration 

Do Apprehensions of Undocumented Immigrants Reduce Crime and Create Jobs? Evidence from U.S. Districts, 2000-2015 

Beyond DACA — Defying Employer Sanctions Through Civil Disobedience 

Lessons About the Future of Immigration Law from the Rise and Fall of DACA 

What We Talk About When We Talk About Sanctuary Cities 

Big Immigration Law 

Arguing About Sanctuary 

States of Desire: How Immigration Law Allows States to Attract Desired Immigrants 

Reconsidering Money Bail in Immigration Detention 

The New Sanctuary and Anti-Sanctuary Movements 


The Police Encounter with a Fleeing Motorist: Dilemma or Debacle? 

J’Accuse: An Essay on Animus 

The “Monkey Selfies”: Reflections on Copyright in Photographs of Animals 

Diminution Doctrine: Arbitration’s First Amendment Problem 

Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Who Blow the Whistle 


View videos of our October 2018 Symposium, Bakke at 40: Diversity, Difference and Doctrine, and our October 2017 Symposium, Immigration Law and Resistance: Ensuring a Nation of Immigrants.

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