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Current Issue

Vol. 51, No. 4, April 2018


Sovereign Patent Funds 

DNA Copyright in the Administrative State 

The Natural Property Rights Straitjacket: The Takings Clause, Taxation, and Excessive Rigidity 

Enhancing Patent Damages 

Workers in the “Gig” Economy: The Case for Extending the Antitrust Labor Exemption 

The Yates Memorandum 

Unforeseen Land Uses: The Effect of Marijuana Legalization on Land Conservation Programs 


A Proposal for Proper Procedure: The Aid-in-Dying Process for Californians with Disabilities 

Surrogacy in California: Replacing Section 7962 of the California Family Code with a Two-Part Hybrid Best Interests Test 


Three Types of Structural Discrimination Introduced by Autonomous Vehicles 

“Dishonest Search Disruption”: Taking Deceptive-Pricing Tactics Seriously 

The Yates Memorandum and Cartel Enforcement 

The Ten Parts of “Illegal” in “Illegal Immigration” That I Do Not Understand 

The Progressive Prosecutor’s Handbook 

The Colors of Cannabis: Reflections on the Racial Justice Implications of California’s Proposition 64 

Follow-up to the author's The Colors of Cannabis: Race and Marijuana, printed in December 2016

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