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Current Issue

Vol. 51, No. 3, February 2018


Looking Criminal and the Presumption of Dangerousness: Afrocentric Facial Features, Skin Tone, and Criminal Justice 

The Common Carrier Privacy Model 

The Parsonage Exemption 

The Supreme Court’s Noble Lie 

Making Room for More: Theorizing Educational Diversity and Identifying Best Practices in the Age of Fisher

Foreword: Diversity in the Legal Academy After Fisher II 

Intersectional Barriers to Tenure 

Race, Cognitive Biases, and the Power of Law Student Teaching Evaluations 

Echoes of Slavery II: How Slavery’s Legacy Distorts Democracy 

The Power of Imagination: Diversity and the Education of Lawyers and Judges 


Free Speech in the Algorithmic Society: Big Data, Private Governance, and New School Speech Regulation 

Law and the Conundrum of Higher Education Quality 


How to Assess the Real World Application of a Capital Sentencing Statute: A Response to Professor Flanders’s Comment 

California Constitutional Law: Interpreting Restrictions on the Initiative Power 

Is Having Too Many Aggravating Factors the Same as Having None at All?: A Comment on the Hidalgo Cert. Petition 

The Ten Parts of “Illegal” in “Illegal Immigration” That I Do Not Understand 

The Progressive Prosecutor’s Handbook 

The Colors of Cannabis: Reflections on the Racial Justice Implications of California’s Proposition 64 

Follow-up to the author's The Colors of Cannabis: Race and Marijuana, printed in December 2016

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