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Vol. 51, No. 1, November 2017

Symposium — Future-Proofing Law: From rDNA to Robots

Future-Proofing Law 

A Simpler World? On Pruning Risks and Harvesting Fruits in an Orchard of Whispering Algorithms 

The Real Law of Virtual Reality 

The Governance of Data and Data Flows in Trade Agreements: The Pitfalls of Legal Adaptation 

Law for the Platform Economy 

Mismatched Regulation: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes and the Coordinated Framework for Biotechnology 

Resilience: A New Tool in the Risk Governance Toolbox for Emerging Technologies 


Effectuating the Benefits of the Twombly Plausibility Standard in Patent Infringement Cases: Application of Rule 9 Post-Abrogation of Rule 84 

The Forced Choice of Dignified Disposal: Government Mandate of Interment or Cremation of Fetal Remains 

Privacy and Criminal Certainty: A New Approach to the Application of the Private Search Doctrine to Electronic Storage Devices 


How to Assess the Real World Application of a Capital Sentencing Statute: A Response to Professor Flanders’s Comment 

California Constitutional Law: Interpreting Restrictions on the Initiative Power 

Is Having Too Many Aggravating Factors the Same as Having None at All?: A Comment on the Hidalgo Cert. Petition 

The Ten Parts of “Illegal” in “Illegal Immigration” That I Do Not Understand 

The Progressive Prosecutor’s Handbook 

The Colors of Cannabis: Reflections on the Racial Justice Implications of California’s Proposition 64 

Follow-up to the author's The Colors of Cannabis: Race and Marijuana, printed in December 2016


View videos of our 2017 Symposium, Future-Proofing Law: From rDNA to Robots.

Congratulations to Lars Reed and Russell Sternshein, winners of the UC Davis Law Review's 2017 Patrick J. Hopkins Memorial Writing Award for the best student Notes. And congratulations to Erin Canino and Wynter Miller for Honorable Mentions.

2017 Symposium

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