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Remembering Rex Perschbacher

Current Issue

Vol. 52, No. 2, December 2018


Elite Political Ignorance: Law, Data, and the Representation of (Mis)Perceived Electorates 

Retribution in Contract Law 

Sharks and Minnows in the War on Drugs: A Study of Quantity, Race and Drug Type in Drug Arrests 

Narrowing the Digital Divide: A Better Broadband Universal Service Program 

Does the Evolving Concept of Due Process in Obergefell Justify Judicial Regulation of Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change?: Juliana v. United States 

Is All Corporate Tax Planning Good for Shareholders? 

Aesthetic Judging 

Big Data, Machine Judges, and the Legitimacy of the Criminal Justice System 

Federal Laboratories of Democracy 

What Causes Polarization on IP Policy? 


The Police Encounter with a Fleeing Motorist: Dilemma or Debacle? 

J’Accuse: An Essay on Animus 

The “Monkey Selfies”: Reflections on Copyright in Photographs of Animals 

Diminution Doctrine: Arbitration’s First Amendment Problem 

Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Who Blow the Whistle 


View videos of our October 2018 Symposium, Bakke at 40: Diversity, Difference and Doctrine, and our October 2017 Symposium, Immigration Law and Resistance: Ensuring a Nation of Immigrants.

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