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Remembering Rex Perschbacher

Current Issue

Vol. 52, No. 3, February 2019


International Indigenous Economic Law 

Discovery Hydraulics 

The Curious Incident of the Falling Win Rate: Individual vs System-Level Justification and the Rule of Law 

Betting on Climate Policy: Using Prediction Markets to Address Global Warming 

Disclosure-Driven Crime 

The Content of Coercion 

Reckless Juveniles 


Fix Me: Copyright, Antitrust, and the Restriction on Independent Repairs 

Specters of California’s Homophobic Past: A Look at California’s Sex Offender Registration Requirements for Perpetrators of Statutory Rape 


The Prevalence of Consumer Arbitration Agreements by America’s Top Companies 

The Police Encounter with a Fleeing Motorist: Dilemma or Debacle? 

J’Accuse: An Essay on Animus 

The “Monkey Selfies”: Reflections on Copyright in Photographs of Animals 

Diminution Doctrine: Arbitration’s First Amendment Problem 

Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Who Blow the Whistle 


View videos of our October 2018 Symposium, Bakke at 40: Diversity, Difference and Doctrine, and our October 2017 Symposium, Immigration Law and Resistance: Ensuring a Nation of Immigrants.

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