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Current Members

Editor in Chief

photo of Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen

Managing Editor

photo of Rose Reinacher
Rose Reinacher

Executive Editors

photo of Evelynn Chun
Evelynn Chun
photo of Emily Kirk
Emily Kirk
photo of Lily Lequang
Lily Lequang

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Editor

photo of Dayja Tillman
Dayja Tillman

Senior Articles Editors

photo of Farah Amjad
Farah Amjad
photo of Jacob Chabot
Jacob Chabot
photo of Sarah Gamble
Sarah Gamble
photo of Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson
photo of Andrew Pence
Andrew Pence
photo of Ryan Reshke
Ryan Reshke
photo of Danielle Rosenduft
Danielle Rosenduft
photo of Lance Schimke
Lance Schimke
photo of Anna Virk
Anna Virk
photo of Katie Weeks
Katie Weeks

Senior Notes and Comments Editors

photo of Kristine Chin
Kristine Chin
photo of Celine Koh
Celine Koh
photo of Morgan Mitruka
Morgan Mitruka
photo of Matthew Morehouse
Matthew Morehouse
photo of Vivienne Pismarov
Vivienne Pismarov
photo of Lakshmi Reddy
Lakshmi Reddy
photo of Amanat Singh
Amanat Singh
photo of Mikaila Skaroff
Mikaila Skaroff
photo of Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Wilson

Senior Symposium Editors

photo of Vannalee Cayabyab
Vannalee Cayabyab
photo of Tyler Szeto
Tyler Szeto

Senior Online Editors

photo of Emily Dennis
Emily Dennis
photo of Mary Clare Rigali
Mary Clare Rigali
photo of Alex Wheeler
Alex Wheeler

Articles Editors

photo of Annie Bradley
Annie Bradley
photo of Rose Dozier
Rose Dozier
photo of Michael Hallock
Michael Hallock
photo of Sinead McDonough
Sinead McDonough
photo of Manda McElrath
Manda McElrath
photo of Abby Miles
Abby Miles
photo of Hanh Phan
Hanh Phan
photo of Kady Poulos
Kady Poulos
photo of Louisa Rogers
Louisa Rogers
photo of John Romero
John Romero
photo of Subreen Sandhu
Subreen Sandhu
photo of Audrey Sapirstein
Audrey Sapirstein
photo of Charles Sloan-Hillier
Charles Sloan-Hillier
photo of Baldeep Uppal
Baldeep Uppal
photo of Christopher Zoukis
Christopher Zoukis

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