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Current Members

Editor in Chief

photo of Natalie Maas
Natalie Maas

Managing Editor

photo of Mackenzie Barrett
Mackenzie Barrett

Executive Editors

photo of Benjamin Baek
Benjamin Baek
photo of Taryn McLaughlin
Taryn McLaughlin
photo of Nicolas Warren
Nicolas Warren

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Editor

photo of Loise Nicole Opendo
Loise Nicole Opendo

Senior Articles Editors

photo of Sophie Beirne
Sophie Beirne
photo of Amelia Wolcott Breen
Amelia Wolcott Breen
photo of Emily Derrick
Emily Derrick
photo of Carolyn Downs
Carolyn Downs
photo of Christine Hanon
Christine Hanon
photo of Lauren Kim
Lauren Kim
photo of Kaley Liang
Kaley Liang
photo of Etelle Stephan
Etelle Stephan

Senior Notes and Comments Editors

photo of Bisman Bhatti
Bisman Bhatti
photo of Adrian Brennan-Evans
Adrian Brennan-Evans
photo of Lydia Chen
Lydia Chen
photo of Aoife Devereux
Aoife Devereux
photo of Wendy A. Garcia-Nava
Wendy A. Garcia-Nava
photo of Ariel Rose Mendlin
Ariel Rose Mendlin
photo of Elizabeth Reinhardt
Elizabeth Reinhardt
photo of Chiara Veronesi
Chiara Veronesi

Senior Symposium Editors

photo of Natasha Kang
Natasha Kang
photo of Casey A. Loosbrock
Casey A. Loosbrock

Senior Online Editors

photo of Ashley Osborne
Ashley Osborne
photo of Anthony Rogari
Anthony Rogari

Articles Editors

photo of Ivette Arriaga
Ivette Arriaga
photo of Nirav Bhardwaj
Nirav Bhardwaj
photo of Erin E. Carrigan
Erin E. Carrigan
photo of Ryan James Li-Wu Chen
Ryan James Li-Wu Chen
photo of Srishti Ghosh
Srishti Ghosh
photo of Claudia Huggins
Claudia Huggins
photo of Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson
photo of Carissa Yan-Yi Lee
Carissa Yan-Yi Lee
photo of Rachel Li
Rachel Li
photo of Danielle Pegan
Danielle Pegan
photo of Kimberly Shen
Kimberly Shen
photo of Natalie Stoecklein
Natalie Stoecklein


photo of Bryan Yanos Baniaga
Bryan Yanos Baniaga
photo of Gabriel Buffey
Gabriel Buffey
photo of Elazar Chertow
Elazar Chertow
photo of John M. Collins
John M. Collins
photo of Cullen Conboy
Cullen Conboy
photo of Josh Concepcion
Josh Concepcion
photo of Damian J. Cortez
Damian J. Cortez
photo of Andrew Dagher
Andrew Dagher
photo of Nathan Danielson
Nathan Danielson
photo of Karina "Cookie" Desai
Karina "Cookie" Desai
photo of William Deyo
William Deyo
photo of Cobi Soda Furdek
Cobi Soda Furdek
photo of Anika S. Gidwani
Anika S. Gidwani
photo of Michaela Gines
Michaela Gines
photo of Cole A. Gray
Cole A. Gray
photo of Heraa Hashmi
Heraa Hashmi
photo of Rachel Horewitz
Rachel Horewitz
photo of Caroline Hull
Caroline Hull
photo of Ashley Jaworoski
Ashley Jaworoski
photo of Claire Jensen
Claire Jensen
photo of Ruthie Jia
Ruthie Jia
photo of Jake Kim
Jake Kim
photo of Danielle Soojin Lee
Danielle Soojin Lee
photo of Hannah J. Li
Hannah J. Li
photo of Valence Li
Valence Li
photo of Bobbi Loggins
Bobbi Loggins
photo of Sarah McGrath
Sarah McGrath
photo of Yongjia Mu
Yongjia Mu
photo of Kegan Frawley Nelson
Kegan Frawley Nelson
photo of Kathryn Parsons
Kathryn Parsons
photo of Roxana Pashmineh Azar
Roxana Pashmineh Azar
photo of Yash Patel
Yash Patel
photo of Anisha Pathak
Anisha Pathak
photo of Courtney Patton
Courtney Patton
photo of Emily F. Rishwain
Emily F. Rishwain
photo of Cecelia Rivera
Cecelia Rivera
photo of Minae Seog
Minae Seog
photo of Leah Sherman
Leah Sherman
photo of Sydney Simon
Sydney Simon
photo of Isabella Spies
Isabella Spies
photo of Justin Stucki
Justin Stucki
photo of Nicholas Takton
Nicholas Takton
photo of Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres
photo of Alexandra Trombettas
Alexandra Trombettas
photo of Em Uchida
Em Uchida
photo of Morgan Visoso
Morgan Visoso
photo of Dorothy Ruo-shi Wu
Dorothy Ruo-shi Wu
photo of Benjamin R. Ylo
Benjamin R. Ylo
photo of Emily Young
Emily Young
photo of Arthur Liu Zhu
Arthur Liu Zhu

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