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Current Members

Editor in Chief

photo of Molly Niffenegger
Molly Niffenegger

Managing Editor

photo of Erika Watts
Erika Watts

Executive Editors

photo of Jason Fisher
Jason Fisher
photo of Drew Foster
Drew Foster
photo of Brittani Bowers Frink
Brittani Bowers Frink

Senior Articles Editors

photo of Andreanne Breton
Andreanne Breton
photo of Marc Christopher Coats
Marc Christopher Coats
photo of Raul Duran
Raul Duran
photo of Thomas John Fox
Thomas John Fox
photo of Greg Ynocencio Gonzalez
Greg Ynocencio Gonzalez
photo of Cameron Goodman
Cameron Goodman
photo of Adrian Slipski
Adrian Slipski
photo of Ellen Thompson
Ellen Thompson
photo of Sean Elliott Edward Yates
Sean Elliott Edward Yates

Senior Notes and Comments Editors

photo of Malcolm Andreas Brudigam
Malcolm Andreas Brudigam
photo of Elizabeth Chang
Elizabeth Chang
photo of Matthew Taylor Demopoulos
Matthew Taylor Demopoulos
photo of Elizabeth Kimball Key
Elizabeth Kimball Key
photo of David Kim
David Kim
photo of Remington B. Lamons
Remington B. Lamons
photo of Danielle Nicole Lauber
Danielle Nicole Lauber
photo of Heraclio Pimentel
Heraclio Pimentel

Senior Symposium Editors

photo of Rebecca Friedemann
Rebecca Friedemann
photo of Bailey McCabe
Bailey McCabe

Senior Online Editors

photo of Lugar Sungil Choi
Lugar Sungil Choi
photo of Lucy Li
Lucy Li

Articles Editors

photo of Michael Benassini
Michael Benassini
photo of Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher
photo of Alex Geise
Alex Geise
photo of Ben Gevercer
Ben Gevercer
photo of Jonathan Kachiu
Jonathan Kachiu
photo of Joseph K. Little
Joseph K. Little
photo of Braeden Mansouri
Braeden Mansouri
photo of Campbell David McLaren
Campbell David McLaren
photo of Amanda Miller
Amanda Miller
photo of Jessica Villegas
Jessica Villegas


photo of Mehron Assadi
Mehron Assadi
photo of Daniel Cadia
Daniel Cadia
photo of John Clancy
John Clancy
photo of Kendra Nicole Clark
Kendra Nicole Clark
photo of James Alan Connelly
James Alan Connelly
photo of Alexander Crawford
Alexander Crawford
photo of Cory Darnell
Cory Darnell
photo of Priyam Desai
Priyam Desai
photo of Danielle Empson
Danielle Empson
photo of David M. Fox
David M. Fox
photo of Jae Ha
Jae Ha
photo of Reza Harris
Reza Harris
photo of Ariana Hernandes
Ariana Hernandes
photo of William Alexander Hodge
William Alexander Hodge
photo of Caitlin Hoffman
Caitlin Hoffman
photo of Sarah W. In
Sarah W. In
photo of Lauren Iwasaki
Lauren Iwasaki
photo of Anujan Jeevaprakash
Anujan Jeevaprakash
photo of Judy Kang
Judy Kang
photo of Shera Kwak
Shera Kwak
photo of Taylor M. Lindsley
Taylor M. Lindsley
photo of Eva Marie Loney
Eva Marie Loney
photo of Hannah Moravec
Hannah Moravec
photo of Anthony Hoang Nguyen
Anthony Hoang Nguyen
photo of Carina Novell
Carina Novell
photo of Natalie Ochoa
Natalie Ochoa
photo of Catherine Reagan
Catherine Reagan
photo of Ilene Reynoso
Ilene Reynoso
photo of Alan Rivera
Alan Rivera
photo of John W. Sheridan
John W. Sheridan
photo of Alexandra Smith
Alexandra Smith
photo of Nimra Azhar Syed
Nimra Azhar Syed
photo of Jessica Tam
Jessica Tam
photo of Michael Lydon Tetreault
Michael Lydon Tetreault
photo of Shaun D. Wong
Shaun D. Wong

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