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Seal of the University of California, Davis UC Davis Law Review

Vol. 10, No. 1, 1977



Table of Cases 

Table of Statutes 

Introduction: A Somewhat Embarrassed Memoir 

I. Land Use Planning

Transfer of Development Rights: A Remedy for Prior Excessive Subdivision 

Sizing Up Just Compensation Relief for Down-Zoning After HFH and Eldridge 

Municipal Services Moratoria: Tools or Weapons in the Growth-Services Squeeze? 

II. Labor

Public Employment and Reverse Discrimination: Will Bakke Bring An End to Voluntary Affirmative Action Plans? 

Layoffs and Equal Employment: Retroactive Seniority as a Remedy Under Title VII 

After National League of Cities v. Usery: Are Public Employees Still Covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act? 

III. Revenue

The Municipal Occupational Tax: A Source of Revenue for the Central City 

The Traffic Congestion Bottleneck: City Police Power, Municipal Affairs and Tax Solutions 

IV. Regulation of Municipal Activities

ng: Should Local Government Become Involved? 

Towards a Definable Body of Legal Requisites for Rent Control 

Local Regulation of Pornography 

County Hospitals in Crisis: Legislative Response to Assure Indigent Health Care 

V. Miscellaneous

California's Evidence Code Section 1040: Discovery of Government Information After Shepherd v. Superior Court 

Municipal Tort Immunity - the Rule or the Exception? 

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