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Vol. 14, No. 2, Winter 1980-81

The Public Trust Doctrine in Natural Resources Law and Management: A Symposium


Principal Papers

Liberating the Public Trust Doctrine from Its Historical Shackles 

The Public Trust: A Sovereign's Ancient Prerogative Becomes the People's Environmental Right 

Public Trust Protection for Stream Flows and Lake Levels 

The Public Trust Doctrine in Public Land Law 


Unraveling the Sagebrush Rebellion: Law, Politics and Federal Lands 

The Significance of California's Public Trust Easement for California Water Rights Law 


Increased Public Trust Protection for California's Tidelands—City of Berkeley v. Superior Court 


Use It or Lose It: California Fish and Game Code Section 5937 and Instream Fishery Resources 

Judicial Review of Initiative Constitutional Amendments 

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