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Vol. 18, No. 4, Summer 1985

Death Penalty Symposium


Foreward — The Death Penalty: A National Question 

I. Fundamental Questions

Thinking of the Death Penalty as a Cruel and Unusual Punishment 

Capital Punishment and the Eighth Amendment: Furman and Gregg in Retrospect 

The Death Penalty Once More 

Retribution, Punishment, and Death 

II. Issues in the Administration of the Death Penalty

The Quality of Mercy: Constitutional Accuracy at the Selection Stage of Capital Sentencing 

"Reasonable Levels of Arbitrariness" in Death Sentencing Patterns: A Tragic Perspective on Capital Punishment 

Proportionality, Subjectivity, and Tragedy 

Federal Habeas Corpus and the Death Penalty: Need for a Preclusion Doctrine Exception 


The Cost of Taking a Life: Dollars and Sense of the Death Penalty 

III. Empirical Studies

Race and Death: The Judicial Evaluation of Evidence of Discrimination in Capital Sentencing 

Some Distribution Patterns for the Georgia Death Sentence 

Monitoring and Evaluating Contemporary Death Sentencing Systems: Lessons from Georgia 

Rejecting the Jury: The Imposition of the Death Penalty in Florida 

Appellate Review of Death Sentences: A Critique of Proportionality Review 

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