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Vol. 22, No. 3, Spring 1989

Symposium: The Changing Role of the Family in the Law



Bodenheimer Memorial Lecture

The Role of Court and Legislature in the Growth of Family Law 


Cohabitation in the Common Law Countries a Decade After Marvin: Settled In or Moving Ahead? 

Rethinking Child Support 

Placing the Family in Context 

The Politics of Custody and the Transformation of American Custody Decision Making 

The Family as an Entity 

Stepfamilies in the Law of Intestate Succession and Wills 

Single Family Use Covenants: For Achieving a Balance Between Traditional Family Life and Individual Autonomy 


On the Expressive Functions of Family Law 


Homosexual Parenting: Child Custody and Adoption 

The Child Abuse that Doesn't Count: General and Emotional Neglect 

Pro Se Defendants in Child Sexual Abuse Cases 

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