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Seal of the University of California, Davis UC Davis Law Review

Vol. 39, No. 3, March 2006


Welcoming Remarks: "The Future of Critical Race Feminism" 

Foreword: This Bridge Called Our Backs: An Introduction to "The Future of Critical Race Feminism" 

Critical Race Feminism Lifts the Veil?: Muslim Women, France, and the Headscarf Ban 

Race, Sex, and Working Identities

Decentering the Firm: The Limited Liability Company and Low-Wage Immigrant Women Workers 

"Unwise," "Untimely," and "Extreme": Redefining Collegial Culture in the Workplace and Revaluing the Role of Social Change 

Against Bipolar Black Masculinity: Intersectionality, Assimilation, Identity Performance, and Hierarchy 

Toward Praxis 

Color, Feminism, and the State

Black Women's Stories and the Criminal Law: Restating the Power of Narrative 

Deadbeat or Deadbroke: Redefining Child Support for Poor Fathers 

Deconstructing the Image Repertoire of Women of Color

In the Shadow of Race: Women of Color in Health Disparities Policy 

Changing the Domestic Violence (Dis)Course: Moving from White Victim to Multi-Cultureal Survivor 

Parity/Disparity: Electoral Gender Inequality on the Tightrope of Liberal Constitutional Traditions 

Defining the Voices of Critical race Feminism

The Adventure(s) of Blackness in Western Culture: An Epistolary Exchange on Old and New Identity Wars 

A Critical Race Feminism Empirical Research Project: Sexual Harassment & the Internal Complaints Black Box  

Defending the Future Voices of Critical Race Feminism 

Interracial Marriage in the Shadows of Jim Crow: Racial Segregation as a System of Racial and Gender Subordination 

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