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Vol. 40, No. 3, March 2007

Symposium: Intellectual Property and Social Justice

Welcoming Remarks 

Foreword: Is Nozick Kicking Rawls's Ass? 

Developing Drugs for the Developing World

Global Justice in Health Care: Developing Drugs for the Developing World 

Measures to Enhance Access to Medical Technologies, and New Methods of Stimulating Medical R & D 

Distributive Justice and Intellectual Property

Distributive and Syncretic Motives in Intellectual Property Law (with Special Reference to Coercion, Agency, and Development) 

Intellectual Property "from Below": Copyright and Capability for Education 

The Fable of the Commons: Exclusivity and the Construction of Intellectual Property Markets 

Bearing Cultural Distinction: Informational Capitalism and New Expectations for Intellectual Property 

Trademarks of Privilege: Naming Rights and the Physical Public Domain 

International Rights Approaches to Intellectual Property

Toward a Human Rights Framework for Intellectual Property 

Density and Conflict in International Intellectual Property Law 

Reconceptualizing Intellectual Property Interests in a Human Rights Framework 

Copyright, Creativity, Catalogs

Creativity and Culture in Copyright Theory 

The Googlization of Everything and the Future of Copyright 

Copyright and the Human Condition 

Bumping Around in Culture: Creativity, Spontaneity, and Physicality in Copyright Policy 

Locke Remixed ; - ) 

Plenary Session Transcript 

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