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Seal of the University of California, Davis UC Davis Law Review

Vol. 41, No. 1, November 2007


America's Statutory "constitution" 


Super-Copyright: Contracts, Preemption, and the Structure of Copyright Policymaking 

Decency, Dignity, and Desert: Restoring Ideals of Humane Punishment to Constitutional Discourse 

Maintaining Competition in Copying: Narrowing the Scope of Gene Patents 

The Measure of Just Compensation 

Antisubordination of Whom? What India's Answer Tells Us About the Meaning of Equality in Affirmative Action 


Depose and Expose: The Scope of Authorized Deposition Changes Under Rule 30(e) 


Electronic Surveillance and Antitrust Investigations: The Effect of the Reauthorized Patriot Act 

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