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Vol. 45, No. 3, February 2012

Symposium — The Public Trust Doctrine: 30 Years Later

Welcoming Remarks 

The Public Trust Doctrine: Assessing Its Recent Past & Charting Its Future 

The Public Trust Doctrine as an Interpretive Canon 

Internationalizing the Public Trust Doctrine: Natural Law and Constitutional and Statutory Approaches to Fulfilling the Saxion Vision 

The Rebirth of California Fish & Game Code Section 5937: Water for Fish 

The Public Trust Doctrine, Legislation, and Green Property: A Future Convergence? 

The Public Trust Doctrine as a Background Principles Defense in Takings Litigation 

Ensuring the Public Trust 

Renewable Energy and the Public Trust Doctrine 

Public Trust and Public Nuisance: Common Law Peas in a Pod? 

The Mono Lake Case, the Public Trust Doctrine, and the Administrative State 

Effective Implementation of the Public Trust Doctrine in California Water Resources Decision-Making: A View From the Bench 

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