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Seal of the University of California, Davis UC Davis Law Review

Vol. 6, No. 1, 1973


Title Page 

Foreword by Brigitte M. Bodenheimer 

Table of Cases 

Table of Statutes 


Plight of the Putative Father in California Child Custody Proceedings: A Problem of Equal Protection 

The Identification and Division of Intangible Community Property: Slicing the Invisible Pie 

Thursday's Child: Legal Problems of Families with a Mentally Retarded Member 

The Discredited American Woman: Sex Discrimination in Consumer Credit 

Coverture in Criminal Law: Ancient "Defender" of Married Women 

The Equal Protection Clause - A Limitation on Welfare Influence in Family Life 

An Inventory: The Emerging Rights of the Physically Ill Family Member 

Children in Transit: Child Custody and Conflict of Laws 

Restrictions on a Parent's Right to Travel in Child Custody Cases: Possible Constitutional Questions 

The Vestiges of Child-Parent Tort Immunity 

Intestate Sucession Claims of Illegitimate Children in California 

Dependency Hearings: What Rights for the Parents 

Birth Control and the Liability of Physicians and Pharmacists 

Same Sex Marriage and the Constitution 

Legal Aid Divorce Representation and Conflict of Interests 

Domestic Relations Problems of California Prisoners 

The Role of the Child's Wishes in California Custody Proceedings 

Illicit Cohabitation: The Impact of the Vallera and Keene Cases on the Rights of the Meretricious Spouse 

New Challenges to the Family Law Practitioner 

Management and Control of Community Property: Sex Discrimination in California Law 

Female Surnames and California Law 

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