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Volume 52

Justice Kennedy, Teacher 

Breaking the Geographic Barrier: Removing Residency Requirements from California Public School Enrollment 

Debating Algorithmic Fairness

Making Sense of the Resident Defendant Rule 

The Prevalence of Consumer Arbitration Agreements by America’s Top Companies 

The Police Encounter with a Fleeing Motorist: Dilemma or Debacle? 

J’Accuse: An Essay on Animus 

The “Monkey Selfies”: Reflections on Copyright in Photographs of Animals 

Diminution Doctrine: Arbitration’s First Amendment Problem 

Tribute to Rex Perschbacher 

A Tribute to Dean Rex Perschbacher 

Architect of the Modern King Hall 

A Tribute to Rex Perschbacher: Leader, Scholar, Mentor, Friend 

Perschbacher Tribute 

Our Legacies From Rex 

Remembering Rex Perschbacher 

Tribute to Rex Perschbacher (and Justice Cruz Reynoso) 

Tribute to Rex Perschbacher 


Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Protecting Law Enforcement Officers Who Blow the Whistle 

Volume 51

More Ways to Protect LLC Owners and Preserve LLC Flexibility 

Three Types of Structural Discrimination Introduced by Autonomous Vehicles 

The Yates Memorandum and Cartel Enforcement 

“Dishonest Search Disruption”: Taking Deceptive-Pricing Tactics Seriously 

How to Assess the Real World Application of a Capital Sentencing Statute: A Response to Professor Flanders’s Comment 

California Constitutional Law: Interpreting Restrictions on the Initiative Power 

Is Having Too Many Aggravating Factors the Same as Having None at All?: A Comment on the Hidalgo Cert. Petition 

Justice Thomas, Civil Asset Forfeitures, and Punitive Damages 

Rodrigo’s Footnote: Multi-Group Oppression and a Theory of Judicial Review 

Volume 50

The Ten Parts of “Illegal” in “Illegal Immigration” That I Do Not Understand 

The Progressive Prosecutor’s Handbook 

The Colors of Cannabis: Reflections on the Racial Justice Implications of California’s Proposition 64 

Follow-up to the author's The Colors of Cannabis: Race and Marijuana, printed in December 2016

Foreword: 50 Volumes of the UC Davis Law Review 

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