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Current Issue

Vol. 51, No. 1, November 2017

Symposium — Future-Proofing Law: From rDNA to Robots

Future-Proofing Law 

A Simpler World? On Pruning Risks and Harvesting Fruits in an Orchard of Whispering Algorithms 

The Real Law of Virtual Reality 

The Governance of Data and Data Flows in Trade Agreements: The Pitfalls of Legal Adaptation 

Law for the Platform Economy 

Mismatched Regulation: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes and the Coordinated Framework for Biotechnology 

Resilience: A New Tool in the Risk Governance Toolbox for Emerging Technologies 


Effectuating the Benefits of the Twombly Plausibility Standard in Patent Infringement Cases: Application of Rule 9 Post-Abrogation of Rule 84 

The Forced Choice of Dignified Disposal: Government Mandate of Interment or Cremation of Fetal Remains 

Privacy and Criminal Certainty: A New Approach to the Application of the Private Search Doctrine to Electronic Storage Devices 

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